LOCA Arts Education is committed to the safety and health of our community and like everyone, is staying home. All all of our classes and events have been suspended for the near future. For now, we encourage you do something CREATIVE – rehang your artwork, break out your sketchbook, paints or whatever you enjoy playing with. Grab your housemate and make something out of nothing – cook, paint, build, puzzle, garden. Creativity is contagious. pass it on! To quote the writer, Neil Gaiman:
The world always seems brighter when youve just made something that wasnt there before.
We value our members, our students, our teachers and contributors, and our board members who volunteer to guide and expand our organization. We thank all of you individuals who give generously and the organizations from whom we receive grants. Take care of yourselves and those around you. We will keep you up to date.
Carla Meberg, President, LOCA Arts Education