Outreach Workshops

If you love art, support LOCA and become a part of the creative wave fostering personal growth through the teaching of art. Throughout history skilled artists have made time to teach newcomers the concepts and skills they have mastered. With your support LOCA will keep that time honored tradition alive.

LOCA art workshops are integrated into many vital community organizations. We provide professional artists, supplies and instruction to students of all ages.


Art For Schools

LOCA has long provided art programs to all the schools in Laguna Beach Unified School District. LOCA teachers work closely with grade level staff to provide exciting art experiences that coordinate with and enhance core curriculum. At the Elementary level these projects begin with step-by-step instruction, the students get to express their own creativity and take home a finished piece of work. At the upper grade levels, LOCA instructors spend several days in the classroom with each project, which allows the students an extensive opportunity to explore specific art techniques not often offered in the school setting, involving time and guidance by someone devoted to the pursuit of creativity. All art supplies and materials are provided by LOCA.

Program funded by:
FOA Foundation Grant and LOCA Supporters

Director: Sherry Bullard

Glennwood House

LOCA conducts weekly art workshops at Glennwood House, a residence for special needs adults in Laguna Beach. LOCA instructors provide the residents with a variety of creative art projects and experiences. They have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of mediums from printmaking to ceramics. In addition to a variety of fine art projects, LOCA hosts Art of Movement, a dance program, as well as drama workshops that improve coordination and encourage self confidence in self expression and social skills. LOCA is also instrumental in connecting residents to the greater community by providing art related field trips and opportunities for exhibiting their work.

Program funded by:
Opus Bank

Director: Carla Meberg

Boys & Girls Club

LOCA partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach providing regularly scheduled art activities to the students who attend EVEN START and KINDER BUDDIES, as well as those who attend the TLC program at Bluebird Park.

Program funded by:
The Festival of Arts Foundation

Director: KC Mechling

Waymakers Youth Shelter

LOCA instructors provide art classes on a regular basis for the at-risk youth and teens at the shelter. Art is a known to offer mental and emotional release and is an avenue of expression and growth in stressful times.

Program funded by:
The Laguna Board of Realtors Charitable Fund

Director: KC Mechling

Kids Art at the Library

In collaboration with the staff of the children’s wing of the Laguna Beach Public Library, LOCA provides a monthly art workshop for ages 5 through 7 years which focuses on books recommended by the head librarian. Reacting to the book’s theme and illustration style the projects range from painting to printmaking. For older children ages 8-11 there is Illustrate-Create taught on the first three Fridays of the month.

Program funded by:
The Community Assistance Fund and LOCA supporters

Director: Sherry Bullard

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